Angie Tu (Communications consultant and trainer/educator)
Angie is a communications consultant and trainer/educator. She holds a degree in Journalism and English from the  University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. She also has a Master in International Tourism and Hospitality  Management from James Cook University. Angie also does corporate training and has worked alongside with Kaplan  , NTUCLearning Hub, as well as PSB Academy to train corporate executives in different sectors in Crisis  Communications as well as Business Communications Presentation/Writing etc. Prior to her entry to into education,  Angie has had 27 years of diverse corporate/agency experience – always with a bent towards communication.   Her many years of running the Singapore/ASEAN arm of Text 100 – a public relations agency has allowed Angie to  experience and deliver all levels of counsel as well as training where applicable. Her early days were spent in  newspaper rooms, creative departments of global advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi Singapore where she  learnt the basic ropes of smart, creative communication – with an unwavering commitment to work excellence and  creative brilliance.   Having lived in Asia and USA and a frequent traveler, Angie is effectively multi-cultural and relates easily to people  from all nationalities and cultures. Her knowledge of both east and west allows her to blend the better of these two  cultures to bring about a distinctive international perspective. She is blessed with strong team building,  communication and presentation skills. And is innovative and versatile.
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